As a kid I always liked doing crafty things. I made cards - and even learned a way to make envelopes with napkins, of all things! - and had a collection of rubber stamps. I eventually got into scrapbooking in college and even did digital scrapbooking years later. Even now I still bring out that crafty side - whether it is to make decorations for a party, goody bags and treats for friends, or an occasional hand-made card. But something that has never left my side is my camera. I can clearly remember my trip to Singapore as a 17-year-old. I took pictures of everything just to capture the memories and to show my parents (since I was traveling alone to visit family) all the things I encountered, saw, and ate. I wanted to remember it all and even now, when I look back at those photos, I can still relive those moments.

And that is what I continue to do now. I grasp those moments - photographing everything from the landscape, sights, food, experience - and document the day-to-day, but also those big, special moments. I want to one day look back on the photos and be able to breathe it all in again and just be transported from the photos alone. I want my daughter to be able to one day look at mommy and daddy's pictures and see the adventurous times, but also those numerous, memorable moments.

That is what I want from my own personal photos, but I want to be able to make others feel the same way. When you get that sneak peek at your session or receive your photos, I want you to experience that fantastic morning, afternoon, or evening we spent together all over again and relive that moment and smile. I love capturing moments and feelings - love, happiness, immense joy, and fun - and for a photo to bring all of that back again, that is what I strive for.